NUVO, Indy’s Alternative Voice, featured an interview with Peter Wilt on its website this week:

At the behest of an unnamed group of investors, Peter Wilt, former president and general manager of the Chicago Fire Major League Soccer team, has set up shop Downtown to investigate the feasibility of bringing pro soccer to Indiana.

“The community is being given an opportunity to step up and say we want a team or we don’t a team,” Wilt said.

Based on what he’s heard so far, Wilt added, he is “cautiously optimistic that come a month from now we’ll be able to say there’s going to be professional soccer in Indianapolis.”

Expect a decision and formal announcement at the annual convention of the National Soccer Coaches of America, which will be held in Indy Jan. 16-20.

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3 Responses to “Pro Soccer Is Within Indy’s Grasp - NUVO”

  1. Dane B. says:

    This is fantastic news. This state needs a soccer team

  2. Ryan says:

    Finally we might actually have a professional soccer team in Indy. I would definitely get season tickets too and I know some friends that would also

  3. Anna Findley says:

    We would love it !!! Are you taking orders for season tickets???

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