Q. What League would an Indiana Pro Soccer team play in?

A. The team will begin play in the North American Soccer League (NASL) in the spring of 2014. The current NASL was founded in 2009, while the original NASL was the first division in North American soccer from 1968 to 1984. In 2011, the NASL received recognition from US Soccer as the exclusive second division men’s professional league (D-2). Indianapolis will be the NASL’s 12th team. The NASL includes 2013 expansion team the New York Cosmos and 2014 expansion teams in Loudoun County, Virginia and Ottawa, Canada. More information is available from the NASL 2012 Media Guide.

 The Tampa Bay Rowdies lift the Soccer Bowl trophy as 2012 NASL Champions

Q. What is the format of the NASL season?

A. The NASL made a historic change to its soccer schedule/format to align the league more with the world soccer calendar starting in 2013. The NASL features two separate and distinct competitions. The first competition begins in late March or early April and continues into early July. The second competition begins in August and continues through late October or early November. The winners of each competition meet in a single game on the weekend following the conclusion of the second competition. The winner of that match will claim the Soccer Bowl trophy as the NASL’s champions.

Q. Where will Indiana Pro Soccer games be played in the 2014 NASL season?

A. The team is in talks with Indiana University to play its inaugural season home games at IUPUI’s Michael Carroll Stadium. Carroll was one of five area venues listed in a poll on this website as options for the team to play. Fans selected Carroll over the other four venues in the fan preference poll. Carroll’s central location, high quality Field Turf Revolution soccer field and ease of access and parking were all important elements recognized by fans and ownership in its selection.

Q. Where will an Indiana Pro Soccer team play in the long term?

A. Indy Pro Soccer is actively working with appropriate parties to develop a new soccer venue that would be scaled for anticipated NASL crowds and expandable for future growth, with a focus on long-term sustainability. The new venue would be ideally located at a central and easily accessible location in Greater Indianapolis with suites, premium seating, appropriate capacity and sightlines, comfortable fan and team amenities and a playing surface all designed for soccer at the highest level.

Q. Where will the team’s players come from?

A.  NASL teams are comprised of some of the most talented professional soccer players in the United States as well as outstanding international players . Last season, NASL players came from 30 countries, the District of Columbia and 27 states including Indiana. The high caliber of talent developed locally and at the state’s men’s college soccer programs means the team will feature a good number of Indiana players. Indy Pro Soccer leadership strongly believes that Indiana talent should be reflected in the makeup of the state’s professional soccer team.

Q. How much are tickets?

A. This team is the highest caliber of professional soccer ever played in Indiana and the club has priced the tickets in a way to allow the greatest number of fans possible to attend the games. Discounts will be offered for all price ranges for youth groups, season tickets and various promotions to maximize attendance and broaden the team’s appeal. Season tickets range from $135 to $390 for 15 games. Individual ticket prices range from $10 to $30. A limited number of high end premium club seats and suites will also be offered.

Q. What are the name and colors of the team?

A. In order for this team to have a long term connection with the public, Indy Pro Soccer believes it is important to get the public’s input into possible team names. There is a desire to have a team name that reflects the history, culture and people of Indiana. Please help by voting on team name options that have been suggested by fans or suggesting a team name of your own.

Q. How can I help?

A. The vision for this team is one that is built from the bottom up and represents the community at large. Indy Pro Soccer needs anyone in Indiana with a passion for soccer and a desire for it to have a successful professional soccer team to do the following:

1) Promote the team to your personal and professional networks.

2) Purchase season tickets by placing a $25 per season ticket deposit which will assure your place in the seat selection priority list.

3) Provide your input into the team’s development by telling the team’s management what you want to see in this team.

Q. How will Indy Pro Soccer help the soccer community?

A. Indy Pro Soccer recognizes that this team has a responsibility to use its resources to give back to the same community that will be supporting it. This means the team will provide outreach to the youth soccer community to help more kids participate in soccer. They will also inspire those already in the sport to play longer with an aspiration influenced by role models wearing Indiana pro soccer uniforms. Indiana’s Pro Soccer team will be committed to giving back and helping make its community a better place to work, live and play. The team will be a platform for the state’s best players to be ambassadors in the community, showcase their skills, live their dreams and have the chance to launch a career on a bigger stage.

The team will also provide positive economic impact for the community. Up to 50 full-time, part-time and seasonal jobs will be directly created. The team will also generate millions of dollars of direct and indirect spending that will foster significant local economic impact.

Q. How can I provide input into the team?

A. Indiana Professional Soccer is looking for ideas and direction from Indiana’s soccer community. Please contact the team’s senior executive, Peter Wilt with your thoughts, comments and questions. You can contact Peter at [email protected] or 1-317-603-3742