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The local ownership group would like to get the public’s input into possible team names. There is a desire to have a team name that reflects the history, culture and people of Indiana. Please suggest your name for the team below. These submissions will give the local ownership group a variety of names to consider.

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72 comments on “Name the Team
  1. We’ve build our fan base off of Racing Indy FC - why change it?

    • Aaron G says:

      You’ve (I’m assuming BYB) built some of a fan base, but it needs to grow in order to be sustainable. It needs to grow substantially. That means appealing to everyone in the future and not just those already in on the movement.

      Lastly, I will cheer no matter what the name. I am sure many of those reading posts on this site would. I don’t hate Racing Indy. I just don’t love it.

      • I agree with it needs to grow substantially, but until recently there hasn’t been any real noticeable movement to people who just half have followed. I think the growth just comes from having the team not the name, personally.

  2. John Stiffy Baker says:

    Racing Indy til I die. ‘Mon the Brickers!

  3. Im with these two. Racing Indy.

  4. Brett Corbit says:

    I dont have to explain why i picked Brett Corbit FC.

  5. Jared Skinner says:

    Racing Indy F.C. baby!

  6. Brad says:

    Unless the ownership group is Spanish, Racing makes no sense. I get it (motorsport ref), but it gives a Euro knockoff feel like Real Salt Lake. They aren’t royal, they aren’t owned by royals so the Salt Lake name is pretty pointless.

    • thesuede says:

      From what I’ve read. Racing Club in Buenos Aires was named Racing club after a merger because someone had a French automobile magazine called Racing and suggested that. So it would be extremely appropriate and not just a euro knockoff. That said, I also don’t like the name of Real Salt Lake for the reason you mentioned. I don’t believe that Racing Indy F.C. would fall into that category though.

  7. Matt says:

    I think we need our full city name in the name so Indianapolis Racing for me.

  8. derekandjenrichey says:

    Earlier teams with the name “Racing” (not just Spanish ones, but French and South American teams) also had affiliations with swimming race teams. The clubs were named “racing” because of their club history with swimming “races”-our sporting history in Indy is tied to open wheel auto racing. I don’t think we need to pronounce it “Rah-cing” either-simply “racing” as we know it. Just my two cents.

  9. Wyn Langston says:

    Hoosier Tradition or Indy Tradition

  10. CECILIA GOAD says:

    “The Brickers” from the indy 500.

  11. ryan says:

    I’m fine with Racing Indy FC but do have my concerns about the “Euro” aspect of it, warranted or not. For a suggestion I threw in Indianapolis Victory (from Lady Victory on top of the monument) but do know there is Melbourne Victory in Aussieland. And yes, I’m throwing out my original favorite even though it always goes over like a lead balloon: Midlander FC - let’s go Middies! Or Vics. Or of course Racing Indy!

    • Jonathan says:

      Good suggestions. I totally agree on your comments. I also like the Victory suggestion! Could totally see a tie in to Lady Victory in the logo as has been previously shown by the Brickyard Batallion.

  12. Jonathan says:

    I like Racing Indy FC in concept, but I wonder if it is a bit too much of a European club knock off. Why are so many American teams going with FC? We don’t call it football here. I think by changing it to SC it would differentiate it as an American club giving it more authenticity. The “Racing” name is cool, and I could see a tie in to checkered pattern on the logo or uniforms, but I also am troubled by referring to another sport in the name. It seems a bit counterintuitive. I’m also thinking about trademark issues with IMS and IndyCar. I suppose it is similar to the Indiana Pacers which refers to our horse and auto racing heritage. I love the idea of using the City flag in the logo. I prefer the navy blue and red color scheme. The idea of using the statue on top the monument in the circle is a good on as well.

  13. Matt says:

    Like the Victory to, just throwing out a team name Indianapolis Cardinals as the Cardinal is State bird, I know there is the St Louis Cardinals baseball team though.

  14. Josh Mason says:

    Brickyard is not a trademark, and nothing would be a concern on that level… I like Racing Indy FC, only because its a subtle nod to the existing “racing” clubs, but we are truly a racing community. Heck, nothing says the start of summer like Memorial Day weekend in Indy! ‘Mon the Brickers!!!!

  15. Stiff says:

    I don’t think Racing Indy sounds too euro, after all Indianapolis is the Racing Capitol of the world….its staying true to our roots. And Brickers for our nickname! I think it would be cool to have Black and White kits and green as more of an accent color (think Newcastle with a checkered twist). I think this is already who we are, Racing Indy FC, THE BRICKERS!

    • brett corbit says:

      Brickers seems a more obvious nickname for BYB

      Ive always like somehow incorporating Lady Victory into our nickname. As i mentioned above, similar to how Juve’s nickname is “the old lady” but for different reasons

  16. Clark says:

    I will support whatever the name is but personally I can’t stand Indy Racing or any affiliation with motorsports. Sorry, just my opinion. I would be extremely bummed out if this were the name. Why attach a new team to a sport that (with the exception of last year) has had shrinking attendance since the 1990s?

  17. Kyle says:

    No offense to the those suggesting this, nor to the well-entrenched Racing/Brickyard monikers in place, but I’m all for trying to get away from anything racing-related in naming this squad. Yes, motorsports is a major part of the Indy heritage, but isn’t it about time we try to expand the city’s identity? Particularly in embracing a futbol club and the accompanying culture?

    I’ve submitted Indy Torchbearers FC (or, Torches, for short) in reference to the state’s flag. My friend has submitted Circle City FC, which I also like.

    I don’t know, it just seems to me that we can instill a culture here that’s unique, and I think the first step in doing so is to recognize that this is going to be a sport and atmosphere that differs from that which the racing scene has already established.

    • Aaron G says:

      The racing tie in will instantly turn some people off. That is the opposite of what we want when building a larger fan base. A co-worker of mine just scrunched her face and shook her head when I mentioned the name. “I don’t want anything to do with racing” she said.

      I like Circle City FC, but I don’t know of any teams that don’t state where they are. Marketability?

      The Indianapolis Roundabouts sound fierce!

  18. Brian says:

    I threw in Indy Racers SC, I’m sick of the FC moniker and I think clubs here in the US really need to get away from it. But regardless I’m going to support this team no matter what the name is!

    • derekandjenrichey says:

      I like SC as well, but there are a lot of American “football fans” who watch a lot of Champions League football matches and the EPL who insist on calling soccer “football” just to make a point. While SC will make half the people happy, FC will make the other half happy. It’s a toss up.

  19. Sean Indiana Jones F. says:

    Indy Cross FC. Crossroads of America yada yada yada

  20. logan lane says:

    It needs to be racinmg indy sc

  21. Peter Evans says:

    Racing Indianapolis is a perfect name for this team. I hate the concept of having a name that isn’t fitting with the larger worldwide soccer culture and fitting to this city’s culture. Racing Indianapolis embraces our city’s heritage. We’re known around the world for auto racing. Although it may not be always popular, it’s part of who we are. We should embrace our culture, celebrate it and show the whole world how great this city is. Team names are always better when they represent the city’s culture.

    Additionally, Racing is a name I would want on a soccer team, it conveys thoughts of motion and action. It tells you what you’re about to watch will entertain you.

    It’s a name that represents this great city, it represents soccer culture worldwide and it is a name that bears excitement without falling into that “trendy” type of name which will feel dated in ten years. It’s honestly a name with layers of meaning that I hope the owners select.

    Although what’s going to make the culture behind Racing Indianapolis truly great is going to be the supports for this club. Because as we all know the people of Indianapolis are some of the most passionate people on earth and Hoosier is greatest granfalloon of all.

  22. Aaron G says:

    It is called “soccer” in this country. Therefore all FC’s should be SC’s if applicable. I want to cheer for an American team in an American way. The original Victory Field was named to honor those in WWII. The new Victory Field does the same. Lady Victory has looked over the city since 1901.

    Nike is the Greek goddess of victory and a slam dunk of a sponsor:)

    Indianapolis Victory with or without the SC

    • Every person who loves “soccer” in America has probably referred to the game as football since they were younger -at least those who have paid attention to world football or had parents that did/played high levels. We are the only country in the world that calls it soccer. I’m still for FC I believe it is a football club. I think America tries to differentiate itself from world football too much (MLS refs spray painting lines, playoffs, etc) which hurts us on the world stage. IMHO of course…

    • brett corbit says:

      i certainly dont mind Indianapolis Victory as it has just as much tie to Indianapolis as Racing, Circle City, etc… does.

      As for the SC or FC, it bothers me not. I wouldnt be off put either way.

  23. Jeff says:

    I find the posts funny with these kids on here that want to try and get away from the Racing name. Pshhhh, Trying to make the culture something its not. Face it, Thats how we made our mark, so Racing Indy it is. Embrace it, I have, its already in place in my book. Oh, and the checkers are a must.

    • Peter Evans says:

      There’s no need to be mean to those that have a differing opinion. I want Racing Indianapolis too, but they have a right to their opinion.

      • I agree and don’t forget…those kids are the future of the club hopefully players as well as supporters…hopefully a culture can be built around the club that our kids grow up loving the club as well and become the avid supporters we already are!

    • Kyle says:

      I find the posts funny with the old fogies on here making judgement calls on people with whom they’ve had no face-to-face interaction, and failing to take an evolutionary and transcendent viewpoint of an opportunity to break the reigns of tradition and entrenchment that pervades nearly every other aspect of our city’s identity. Pssshhh, let’s embrace some aspects of culture perhaps a bit “foreign” to our city, and make our own mark, starting with the name of this club!

      Oh, and the checkers are an overkill if we should happen to opt for a motorsports-related moniker.

  24. Justin Wiese says:

    How about everybody just Fan Up and cheer for the team no matter what. Call it Indiana Hoosier Soccer FC for all I care. I want a team to cheer for end of story.

  25. We should stick to something like Indianapolis FC or FC Circle City, and include the victory torch and racing allusions (checkered flag) on the crest. Nicknames are supposed to be fan-generated and unofficial. It’s not a European “knock-off”, it’s just making the team a representation of the entire city and not throwing a gimicky nickname like “Earthquakes” or “Wizards” on the official title. Toronto FC, Sporting Kansas City and Columbus Crew are cooler nicknames because they’re broad, and feel authentic.

  26. Lauren says:

    Racing Indy FC, Brickers.

  27. derekandjenrichey says:

    Great discussion everyone! Keep it up. I like that we’re all voicing our opinions, but keeping it clean and polite.

  28. Indianapolis Victory F.C. says:

    Why does the team have to be racing? Why not have its own identity? I have never seen good looking jerseys with checkers on them and believe me jerseys sell a lot of times based on appearance. I like the Indianapolis Victory FC.

  29. ryan says:

    Seeing Circle City FC/SC on here sounds good the more I think about it - at minimum it would make a great second supporters group (not that it’s needed by any means), Circle City Supporters! And I agree, I just want to root for a team.

  30. Jared Skinner says:

    Circle City Ultras would be a sweet name for a supporter’s group.

  31. Dejo says:

    Hopefully our fans will be something like this minus the flairs. OK maybe one flair.

  32. Peter Evans says:

    Indianapolis Victory is a cool name, but it’s way too easy for the team to become the butt of every joke.

  33. Sean O'Neil says:

    I think Racing is OK. It works. Other sports here in Indy pay or have paid homage to the racing heritage already (Pacers, Checkers, Racers), but I get that. I think it will turn some off, but most fans probably would be good with it.

    I grew up in NJ in the 70s and 80s and loved the NASL. My team was the Cosmos. Everybody in NJ called the game soccer, including all the American-born or descended Europeans and South Americans living there and most playing in the NASL. I think it should be called soccer, and not football here, but I’m not mad if people who have gotten into soccer watching EPL want to go the Anglophile route. I feel like there’s a long tradition of soccer in the US and we’ve mostly called it soccer. Considering the resurgence of American pro soccer, all the new immigrants from other countries here in Indy and the strong youth/amateur soccer base in Indiana (which has always been here), I think it would be interesting to go a different route, away from racing and/or calling it football. What I love about soccer/football is that as it has traveled around the globe and taken root, the local cultures have made it their own, not necessarily copying everything from Europe. That said, I would support Racing Indy FC if that’s the choice. I just want to watch live soccer … er, football, or whatever it is.

    The original NASL had more American-style team names: Cosmopolitans, Rowdies, Sting, Tea Men, Aztecs. I think we can get away from that, and I’d go for any of the Racing, Circle City, Victory names.

  34. Jared Skinner says:

    For those against the addition of “F.C.” at the end I’ll say that “F.C.” has been used at the end of Dynamo F.C. of Indianpolis since it’s inception in 1979. So to me using F.C. is nothing new to this area. I’m fine with it or without it. I just want a team!

  35. Sean O'Neil says:

    This is a slightly different direction, but still car related: Naptown SC Bearcats (after the Stutz car model)

    Or a nickname of Duesys (after the Duesenberg). So whatever the main name is ie: Racing Indy SC/FC Duesys

  36. Anne says:

    A friend of mine, who seems to be excellent at this naming thing, came up with the Naptown Bearcats. Circle City Bearcats/Indy Bearcats would work too. Still has a bit of the racing heritage to it without being blatant.

  37. Brian says:

    I’m totally with Sean above in basically saying regardless of this teams name its going to be awesome to be able to see live professional soccer back in Indy! And I’m totally just throwing this out there but what about Circle City Victory SC….I know I know that’s overkill!! But I like Racing, Racers, Victory, SC, FC…whatever it is these are all great descriptions of our city. Also its cool to see all the supporters on here, can’t wait to tailgate and watch us tear up the NY Cosmos in a few years!

  38. John says:

    Not sure if Indy mustangs has been taken. It’s a play off the colts and racing. A good name it get behind, sustainable, plays off the rise of fall of peyton manning’s empire, goes along with the rebirth of that regime (andrew luck). For the racing fans….doesn’t apply quite as much. But that’s kinda the point…subtle racing reference.

    I personally like Indy Mustangs F.C. It’s a professional team; S.C. has somewhat juvenile connotation.

  39. Sean O'Neil says:

    Circle City Victory FC is cool too.

    Should be a nice weekend to get out and play. We’ll be having a pick-up game on Sunday at 10am at the Jordan YMCA sports field. Come on by.

  40. Ben says:

    I like Indianapolis FC because it’s simple and focuses on the city as a whole, rather than limiting us to singular aspects of our history (Lincoln’s Boyhood Home FC, anyone?) Besides, Racing sounds like we are trying to piggyback on other teams’ names and traditions, whether that’s the intent or not. Regardless, I can’t wait until we all get a chance to start arguing about tactics, managers, etc. This is gonna be fun!

  41. Todd C says:

    After reviewing the indifferences in comments about a team name and liking the Victory add in, it made sense to blurt out Victory United. I really have no preference in the name just happy to know we are getting a team. I would buy season tickets if we were called the Kickers.

    Please don’t name them the Kickers by the way.

  42. James says:

    Why are people talking about whether something is foreign or not? Racing Indy FC is fine as it is no need to change or try and dissect whether it is proper or not? Football is a world sport it always has been, embrace that! I play in a team in Indianapolis we called it Los Tigres, but none of us are spanish speaking, its not important!

  43. Ryan says:

    It just has to be Racing Indy FC. SC makes us sound like the hicks the rest of the country views us as. “well this is ‘Mercia! So it gotta be called soccer!” No it doesn’t. Grow up, this is a world game so please stop acting like we’re the ones that invented it cause we didn’t. Same deal with those worried about Racing having a euro feel to it. Are you kidding me?!?!!? WE RACE HERE. It’s a great way to tie us to the rest of the world while staying true to our roots. In a word, duh. Come on you Bricksters!!!

  44. Jason says:

    No matter what the name is, I still can’t wait to hear a whole crowd of supporters belting out “Back Home Again in Indiana.” ‘Mon the Brickers!

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