The buzz surrounding the announcement on Wednesday, 16 January that the NASL had approved the entry of Indianapolis to join the men’s professional soccer league for the 2014 season was enormous. Using Storify, we share the response in tweets, links, photos and video.

The Launch of Indy Pro Soccer

With the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) Convention going on in Indianapolis, the country’s soccer eyes were planted firmly on the Circle City this week. On Wednesday, 16 January it was time for an announcement about the future of professional soccer in Indiana.

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RT @MichaelHadley3: @IndyProSoccer Today is the day, lads and lasses! The first day of our future!Indy Pro Soccer
#IndyProSoccerIsReal RT @Massive317: @IndyProSoccer @PeterWilt1 @The_BYB PS Is there a designated hashtag for today’s announcement?Indy Pro Soccer
“@IndyProSoccer: RT @pinkuswinkus: Excited for the @IndyProSoccer announcement today. Can’t wait to finally have some soccer here." Ditto!!Megan K Bickel
Love to see all of the people here at the NSCAA 2013 convention talking about @IndyProSoccer.Bobbi Klein
Can’t wait until we have a home team to support! So much passion here. #excited @indyprosoccer ❤ Mangas
The #IndyProSoccer team, hard at work at the #NSCAA Convention! @ Indiana Convention Center Hall B K. Koluder
RT @IndyProSoccer: RT @HoosierFutbol: big soccer week in Indy! @NSCAA Convention @USYouthSoccer Workshop @SoccerIndiana AnnualMtg & @IndyProSoccer annoucement!Crimson F.C.
The press conference got underway before a packed crowd of 400 at the JW Marriott, with a video playing ahead of the announcement.
IndyProSoccer Promo Videoindyprosoccer
RT @SoccerIndiana being represented by 40 youth players during the @IndyProSoccer announcement on Wed. at 3:30pm at the JW Marriot-IndyJW Marriott Indy
@SoccerIndiana present at the @IndyProSoccer announcement… Minutes prior to the special moment for IndyIndiana Soccer
Excited to be here as @IndyProSoccer announces their franchise in our league! Malone
RT @AlexiLalas: The birth of a team. @IndyProSoccer announcement. Wonder if proud papa @PeterWilt1 will cut the cord? DoItIndy Crew
Impressive turnout for @indyprosoccer presser. Think I saw @AlexiLalas dart in and out.Patrick D O’Brien
RT @DavidWoods007: Members of "Brickyard Battalion" fan group chant, "Indy soccer, Indy soccer." @IndyProSoccerScott Grames
RT @IndyProSoccer: She’s gorgeous! RT @Massive317: Look what came today.Just in time for Wednesday’s @IndyProSoccer announcement. @The_BYB White
Indiana Gets a Soccer TeamHY9cBw4ViP8qOpJ-7lc_5w
"Professional soccer is coming to Indianapolis," @NASLofficial Commissioner Bill Peterson tells a 400-strong crowd: Pro Soccer
RT @BenRisinger: RT @doitindy: @NASLofficial has awarded #Indy a PRO Soccer team. Another plus for our wonderful city. Thanks #NASL!
RT @IndyProSoccer: The first president of @IndyProSoccer, @PeterWilt1, is now at the podium - begins by recognizing Indy soccer legends present here today.Jeffrey Seelig
RT @chrishaganfox59: Hear from @IUMensSoccer Legend Jerry Yeagley at Indy pro soccer announcement on @FOX59 at 6. Pro Soccer
RT @IndyProSoccer: .@peterwilt1 explains 2014 @NASLofficial season ticket prices start at $135. 2,500 pledges for season tickets taken by @IndyProSoccer so farJ Peacock Agency
RT @IndyProSoccer: "We will do whatever it takes to make this a great team you will be proud of." @IndyProSoccer’s owner Ersal Ozdemir: Matthes
#indyprosoccerMark Williams
Well-known Indianapolis developer launching pro soccer team #IndyProSoccerAbbey Reller
RT @MayorBallard: New @NASLofficial pro soccer team coming to #Indy! We continue to build on our sports heritage. #NASL @IndyProSoccer @MLSGabe Myers
Indianapolis lands team in North American Soccer Leagueanothergreatstory
Formal part of the press conference is concluding. THANK YOU to @The_BYB and all Indy soccer supporters for all of the fantastic support!Indy Pro Soccer
As word spread, some people hoped they might be able to work for Indy Pro Soccer.
i want to work for @IndyProSoccer; i’ll start washing jerseys if i have to. @PeterWilt1 @ErsalOzdemir #dreamjobJ L
Where do I apply to be on the PR staff for @IndyProSoccer? Need to get on that, quick…Michael Hadley
Others had different dreams.
Sooo since David Beckham is dedicated to developing the sport & we are developing a team.. @indyprosoccer #agirlcandream #MLS #beckhamtoindyAlexandria Mangas
RT @PatMcAfeeShow: Let me know if you guys need a goal scorer.. I think I could be good for about 7 minutes a game #StillGotIt @IndyProSoccerJohn Galligan
There was plenty of discussion about what the team should be called…
Potential names: Speed, AC, United, Majestic, or write in at indyprosoccer .com. #IndyProSoccerIsRealMassive317
In line with a racing theme, I think the #IndyGreaseMonkeys would be an awesome @IndyProSoccer name! Or #IndyPitCrew or #IndyFreightTrainPhil
@IndyProSoccer @NASLofficial I suggest The Indianapolis Dukes!Matthew Dougherty ツ
Sir Jack Wilshere has done it! 1-0 Arsenal. Why don’t we name @IndyProSoccer the Jack Wilsheres or Dench?Jared Hay
According to @PeterWilt1, @IndyProSoccer’s GM, team won’t consider the name "Racing Indy" because @IMS wants to "protect" their IP rights.Josh Baker
PLEASE go to and vote for "Athletic Club". Has IMS/Historical tie. (and I’ll get the 1st jersey)Jake Query
RT @thejoshbaker: Help name the @IndyProSoccer team. (Just don’t pick United)Steve McCabe
@IndyProSoccer @NASLofficial I’d like any name but the majestic.Daniel Patton
Everyone wanted to know where Indy Pro Soccer would play in 2014, and some fans had alternate ideas to the proposed home of Carroll Stadium.
RT @IndyProSoccer: Here’s some more info on Carroll Stadium and a rendering of its soccer configuration: #Indy2014 #NASLAaron Homoya
I like that @IndyProSoccer will be playing at Carroll Stadium. Oh, no reason.Will Carroll
RT @DavidWoods007: This is artist’s rendition of what IUPUI stadium would look like for Indy’s new pro soccer team. @IndyProSoccer Isenthal
My idea for @indyprosoccer is to build their new stadium in Turn 3 of the speedway.,-86.232891&spn=0.016948,0.032616&sll=39.604141,-86.102377&sspn=0.067981,0.130463&t=h&hnear=Speedway,+Marion,+Indiana&z=15Will Carroll
@IndyProSoccer Benefiting Hundreds of @SoccerIndiana Players in 2014!… Soccer
Season ticket deposits started to be taken at 6pm on Wednesday, and hundreds soon came in.
Per GM Peter Wilt, 2500+ pledges received for season tix. Deposits accepted @ 6pm. #IndyProSoccerIsRealMassive317
@bamiller3 6pm tonight deposit will go down. boomAlex Sperellis
Thanks to @lowtek77, season tix for @IndyProSoccer reserved for 6 of us. My first for any sport. The most rowdy section @theflyswatterThe Professor
RT @indyprosoccer: Over 250 2014 season ticket deposits made in the first hour on sale. Got yours? #IndyProSoccerIsRealJon Murray
RT @indybigc: Just reserved my season tickets for @IndyProSoccer in the @NASLofficial in 2014. Support your local team @ #indyIndy Pro Soccer
Hey, @IndyProSoccer, just reserved five tickets. #isit2014yetIan Scuffling
Put my deposit down on season tickets for @IndyProSoccer. Can’t wait! It’s Indy’s Time!!!Scott Thomas
At the Chatham Tap following the press conference, fans gathered to show their support.
Heading into The Chatham Tap to celebrate pro soccer coming to Indy Pro Soccer
RT @IndyProSoccer: @indyprosoccer owner Ersal Ozdemir on the bar @chathamtap addressing Indy’s soccer fans. Hadley
Online, fans, teams and organizations in Indiana and beyond poured in support.
Can’t wait. RT @TheNYCosmos: Welcome! See you in 2014. RT @NASLofficial: #NASL Awards Team To Indianapolis - Pro Soccer
Such fantastic news!! Thrilled for soccer & Indy! RT @IndSportsCorp: #NSAL Awards Pro Soccer Franchise to Indy #2014Jessica Wenclewicz
Welcome to the city @IndyProSoccer!twentysomething Indy
RT @IndyProSoccer: MT @HenrichNews: @jmjones19 @IndyProSoccer Looks like NASL-D2.Big step.Hope Indy embraces team & goes way of Montreal, Portland etc. to MLS!Daniel Eccles
A @IndyProSoccer team would be awesome. Loved the the atmosphere at the DC United game and would love to see Indy get rowdy! All in favor…Stephanie
#Indy is getting professional soccer???? This sounds fun!! @IndyProSoccerCynthia
RT @IndyProSoccer: We can’t tweet fast enough to keep up with our fantastic supporters. #goodthing #followers RT @kebzach: @IndyProSoccer you’re at 1,004 now!Fred Matthes
RT @IndyProSoccer: Amazing day yesterday for @indyprosoccer. Off to a great start. #target1000 followers reached - and thensome. 1,500+. THX INDY!UK Colts Fans
NASL made an exciting decision to bring professional soccer to Indianapolis. I’m stoked to have @IndyProSoccer in my hometown. #makingmovesKevin Andrew Stumpf
“@ryanstroud: Excited about @IndyProSoccer coming to Indy in 2014. Great opportunity for the city of Indianapolis.” Ditto.Brian Hunteman
Boom! 1600th follower. -> @IndyProSoccerMichael Bennett
Class organization! Thx! RT @mnstarsfc: Stars & NASL welcome @IndyProSoccer to league. Great start to NSCAA Convention.Indy Pro Soccer
Media coverage both locally and nationally exploded.
Amazing media coverage on #indyprosoccer launch. Here’s a round up: Pro Soccer
Front page sports @indystar full color Carroll Stadium rendering: #GREATSTARTIndy Pro Soccer
"Indy Will Be Kicking It," @PeterWilt1 reads in today’s paper: Pro Soccer
Pro soccer team coming to Indy in 2014When Ersal Ozdemir emigrated to Indiana from Turkey, he was vexed by an inability to follow his beloved sport: soccer. Twenty years later…
Pro soccer team coming to Indy in 2014INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) - After an eight year hiatus, Indianapolis leaders announced Wednesday a pro soccer team is coming back to the city. …
Pro soccer team coming to IndyIndianapolis is getting a men’s professional soccer team.
Rick Teverbaugh: Pro soccer returning to IndyRelated Photos Discussion Beginning in 2014, Indianapolis will get its 12th professional soccer team. The announcement was made in Indy o…
Pro Soccer Draft and Team Come to IndyIndy is abuzz with soccer representatives from across the country, all of them getting ready for Major League Soccer’s SuperDraft and the…
NASL Confirms Indy Franchise - Newsroom - Inside INdiana Business with Gerry DickThe new franchise is owned by Keystone Group LLC Chief Executive Officer Ersal Ozdemir. January 16, 2013 News Release INDIANAPOLIS (Janua…
Pro Soccer Coming to IndianapolisPro Soccer Coming to Indianapolis ( photo: Reed Parker) The yet-to-be-named team will begin play at IUPUI’s Michael Carroll Stadi…
NASL announces official Indianapolis pro soccer teamThe North American Soccer League has given approval for Indianapolis to join the league for the 2014 season. Wednesday’s announcement cam…
Indianapolis awarded NASL franchise on eve of SuperDraftINDIANAPOLIS - On Wednesday, a day before the city is set to host the 2013 MLS SuperDraft, Indianapolis sealed its status as a bastion of…
SoccerAmerica - Wilt to head Indy Pro Soccer 01/16/2013NASL] The North American Soccer League has approved Indianapolis as the Division II league’s 12th team. The new team, which will join the…
New team, soccer facility set for IndianapolisNew soccer stadiums are popping up like spring daisies!
NASL expanding to Indianapolis in 2014Pro soccer will be coming to Indianapolis in 2014, when the city will field a team in the second-tier North American Soccer League. The e…
Less than two days after the announcement, almost 1,000 season ticket deposits have been taken. Join the movement for Indy Pro Soccer at

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